Crunchy Chicken Salad


I have never really been a picky eater, possibly because I was always made to “take a Millbank Farms bite” (my Grandmother’s farm name somehow made its way into a small taste of whatever was on our plate). I come from a family that appreciates food, and my dad especially was going to make sure we didn’t decide we didn’t like something because that is just what 6 year olds do. 

All of that considered, there were a few things I was not crazy about:

  • Nestle Crunch Bar. I got sick and threw up after one of these and it was never the same. I get nauseous thinking about it. I am totally okay with my disdain for these
  • Cauliflower. it just looked like albino broccoli and I thought it was trying to hard. Seriously one of my FAVORITES now, and I have apologized for the years of snobbery towards it.
  • Corn Dogs I don’t think this needs even an ounce of explanation. I still hold to this being one of the worst food creations man kind has come up with. Public school corndogs in the 90s? That is probably bottom of the barrel. I assume this is what satan microwaves for everyone in hell. Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner.
  • Mayonaisse. I thought everything about the globby condiment was awkward and gross. Possibly also from my time in a dietitian's office at 9 years old (another story about my journey with food + health that I am sure i will be sharing when I was taught NOT to eat mayonnaise that I put it in the category of “BAD”.)Turns out some mayo really is gross, but homemade mayonnaise takes all of 25 seconds, is simple and healthy fasts and is so versatile in brightening so many meals! One of those meals is….drumroll…
  • CHICKEN SALAD. I grew up in the 90s and definitely had my share of canned tuna + canned chicken salads. I remember the tiny relish packets in my lunchbox being pretty fun. Because of that era I associated chicken salad with unhealthy mayo, dry chicken and soggy bread. A whole lot of “no thank you”. Since becoming an adult and always looking to add new, healthful and fun meals to my routine I have fallen back in love with the chicken salad.

Chicken salad is VERSATILE, which just MAY be my favorite kind of meal. Give me a good base and let me mix it up on the regular with what I have around. It is a great meal prep idea that you can make one day and enjoy throughout the week- simple + fun! You could eat a microwaved chicken breast for lunch if that is your thing, but if you are looking to mix it up then LETS GET TO IT.



    • 2 Cups Shredded Chicken (I buy 2 lbs of chicken breasts + use THIS method to roast mine + shred the meat. you could easily use a rotisserie chicken too!)

    • 3 TBL Mayonnaise (I use my homemade garlic mayo. I will share my specific flavor combo soon, until then try THIS from The Whole Smiths)

   •  1/2 Cup Diced Green Apple (think pretty small pieces)

   •  3/4 Cup Thinly Shredded Purple Cabbage (This may seem random but offers such a great CRUNCH)

   •  1/4 Cup Chopped Walnuts

   •  1/4 Cup Chopped Olive Salad/ Marinated Olives (I use Progress Grocery Olive Salad, and would 10000% recommend that if you can get your hands on

•  salt + pepper to taste


 Put it all in a bowl, mix it up and ENJOY!

You may want to add more Mayo, but I always suggest adding less and tasting to see once its incorporated. You can easily omit olives, but I love the briny flavor it adds. I recently made for a friend and her only suggestion was MORE olives!



    • I love to eat this for lunch throughout the week on a bed of green with a side of avocado + some crackers or chips.

    • Chicken Salad Sandwich, hellooooooo

    • Appetizer for a party with different chips + crackers


Try it out for a colorful + crunchy take on the chicken salad and let me know what you think!